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Below is a list of recommended material about China Adoption, They cover a wide variety of topics from …

Adoption books
Books on Adoption Amazon has a great selection of books on Adoption
Support Groups
Adopting from China This group is a friendly place to talk with others who are adopting from China.
Canadians Adopting from China This group is for Canadians adopting from China
DTC Groups Meet others who are DTC the same time as you..
Families with Children from China FCC is an organization which has lots of information on adopting from China. They have groups set up all over the country where you can meet others who have or are adopting from China.
Adoptive Parents Of China Yahoo group where you can chat with other adoptive parents.
Information on Adoption Agencies – America
Great Wall of China Based in Austin, TX
A Helping Hand Based in Lexington, KY
Chinese Children Adoption Based in Florida and Georgia
New Hope Adoption Agency Based In Seattle, Washington
Families through International Adoption Based in Evansville, IN
Rainbow Kids Many more agencies are listed on Rainbow Kids Website
America World Adoption A licensed Christian Agency dedicated to helping families adopt worldwide..
China Adoption Links
Half The Sky Organization built up by adoptive parents who want to help other children who are still in the orphanages..
US Department of State Information for US Citizens adopting from China.
Dossier This web page outlines what paperwork is needed for China Adoption
China Connection This Website has ideas, information and many links for China-Adoptive parents
Sponsor A Child ICC is a charity that established in 1994 to support the Chinese Government in their care of the socially disadvantaged.
Children With AIDS Project (CWA)’s mission is to transform the silence that surrounds HIV infected, affected children and AIDS orphans around the world into an audible sound.
Red Thread Maps My maps are intended to show the general locations of orphanages that participate in international adoptions
Information on Adoption Agencies– Canada
BC Adoption
Agencies Canada
Adoption Gifts and apparel
Adoption Shop Website that has many great items centered to Adoption..
Asian Shop Centered around Asian Adoption
Shoe Shop For those Squeaky shoes..
Green Mountain Diapers
Adoptive Gifts for Adoptive Families Creators of the original “Adoption Certificates” gift; Dolls for Asian children & Adoption Shower Stationery
Information On The Adoption Process
Adoption: How to start the process Lots of information about the process in Adopting..
Thinking About Adopting? There are many Highland residents who have adopted or were raised as adoptees. There are many others who have considered adopting a child, or may still be considering it. “If you are even remotely thinking of adoption, I would highly recommend that you just do it. A lot of children out there need you.”
Other China Links
China Currency Exchange
China Tourism
Chinese Translator A team of people who are based in China and the US will translate documents that are in Chinese
Learn Chinese
Weather in China
Adventure Tours in China

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