What is the most important lesson to teach your child?

Do you prefer child birth or adoption?

that is a really good question okay to say that I prefer one or the other but I will tell you childbirth is extremely is much easier 110% there is no doubt about it, so if you’re going to be adoption path and I know different adoptions can be different though some of them are like seamless and was no pain no bumps or bruises no nothing, and then there’s some adoptions where you adopt a newborn and it’s super easy peasy but my doctor my doctor wasn’t like that childbirth is super easy It’s so fine but it’s a lot more Are that expensive so I don’t want to deter anyone from adopting some adoptions are completely free and they’re covered on medical they have 5000 100000 kind of where I landed usually it’s 15 to 30 at least for my understand

what is the most important lesson that you would want to make sure that your kids understood and learned about life?

there is a ton of things that I want my kids to know I learned my life but one of the biggest thing is that I want to teach my kids not to care what other people think I think that a lot of times people get worried about what other people think of that I’m worried I’m going to fail and I’m worried so and so is going to see me fail in a lot of times people don’t expire for their dreams or they don’t be who they really want to be because they’re worried about what their mom or their dad wants them to be and my biggest thing is quit worrying what Do what’s in your heart star do what you want to do be a dreamer I don’t worry about what other people are in and follow whatever dreams whatever crazy imaginative out-of-this-world dreams do you don’t have to be a dentist you don’t have to be a dock do whatever you want to do you don’t have to go to college so that would be my what I would tell my kids is don’t worry about what anybody else thinks you.

you have a dream vacation for the kids and where do you go?

I never been to Europe and I want to go so bad I totally want to go to Italy because I’m Italian and haven’t been to Italy so I feel like I need to go I feel like it’s just something that I need to do in my life dream vacation with the kids I want to go to India I want to go to India so bad like I don’t know what it is about India but when I think about the color is nothing about the food I think about the people I think about it just a place that are really want it I really want to visit …


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