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Parasitic Worms feed upon Animals & Human beings

Parasites live in or on another organism called the host organism. They use the half-digested food that is discovered in their host’s intestinal tracts as their own food supply. Parasites utilize host organisms for their nutrients and flourish in environments where they have an all set supply of food.

Parasites trigger damage and damage the tissues of their hosts along with producing their own hazardous waste products that can trigger an entire series of undesirable and typically incapacitating health issue. Hosts struggle with pains, infections and illness as a result of parasitic infection.

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Lots of parasites are small and practically invisible to the naked eye, while others grow to big lengths. When they are little in size, parasites quickly circumnavigate the blood stream finding ideal places to grow and establish.

Parasites in human beings can trigger a variety of issues, consisting of diarrhoea, tiredness, skin rash, anxiety, asthma, anaemia and more. It is estimated that there are over 100 various kinds of parasitic worms that can be discovered residing in humans.

The word “Parasite” itself originates from the old Greek word “Parastos” implying “an individual or thing, which eats at someone else’s table”. This is exactly what a parasite does, it feeds off the host’s body, whether this is animal, plant or human – for this reason making use of the word parasite today.

3 Main Types of Parasitic Worms

Flatworms such as Tapeworms

Flatworms include Tapeworms and Flukes. Flatworms breathe and eat literally through their skin. Oxygen and nutrients literally pass through their skin. They have no different organs for digestion or flow.

Flatworms feed upon the blood, tissue fluids, or pieces of cells inside the bodies of their hosts. Flatworms reside on the skin, mouth, gills or other outside parts of a host, or they can live internally such as the ones that live in human beings that contaminate the blood and organs.

Flatworms vary in size from being tiny to some over 20 metres wish for example in the whale tapeworm. The most typical kinds of flatworms that reside in human beings are Tapeworms and Flukes.

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