A mother’s TRUE Opinion About China Adoption

In this interview, a mother talked about his opinion about China adoption.

What’s the most difficult part about adopting?

Huck the most difficult part was the fact that he hated me and you met me like he wanted nothing to do with me and I plan to prepared for him rejecting James I literally play on the go he’s not going to like James and he’s going to be attached to me but it didn’t work that way he didn’t want anything to do with me and now I am his girl and his homegirl but that was easily the hardest part.

I think another part that was really really hard with being told that actually talks With all of the other kids and when we got him he doesn’t talk and developmentally very behind so being misinformed from the very beginning and then meeting him and having a different expectations of Shifting our expectation which is totally fine and totally okay but that was a little tricky to what

If you were going to have a child but you rather have a boy or girl next?

I feel like maybe a girl I don’t know I have a softie for place to buy I probably was a girl and I feel like James a probably says boy am I going to get pregnant again I feel like if I have another baby maybe 15 20% of me wants to get pregnant and have another baby the other 80% of me has no desire to ever get pregnant again like my body is served me so care of me I don’t have uterus prolapse I never went through a C-section I’ve never had like excessive blood loss I’ve never had a scary situation I’ve never torn I’ve literally hit the lottery with is like gambling and I want to take my cards and walk away from the table if you will and I don’t think I’m going to be able to get through everyone else’s question but if you like to do you have any more questions for me that I didn’t answer if you have a question about something that I answered maybe you want me to extrapolate lighted I love you guys and I hope you have an amazing week.

Are you going to have another baby?

this is a deep question I’m going to say 50/50 yes and no I’m not sure so today right now no I don’t think it’s the time I don’t think it’s this season there’s so much juggling and balancing and figuring out how to do laundry for the City people how to clean who won the time and attention that they deserve how to be an amazing wife how to be intimate when you have like a million kids are running into your bed how to give how to have everyone have a fair equal amount and balance so that you know I don’t end up having a divorce later on in my life I don’t ever want anything like that so I need to think about everything realistically not just like oh I want to have six kids would that be nice no I want to think about is my husband truly going to be happy if we add one more to the load or could it be that you’re boiling point for him is Jake is she going to do well being pushed aside a little bit more or is Huxley really going to do well with even less attention even though he claims were to think about everyone’s Dynamic and how it’s really good right now I would say that I am content I feel This is a perfect situation for me we each have two kids to work with it’s good it’s travel-friendly it’s everything was down birds for me just really really really works it’s even and I love even numbers but on the other notes there is a little boy on the adoption forms that has my heart like I said I do not think today is the time there’s a little guy that has my missing an arm and a foot but he is the cutest little guy ever and I just he has my heart but emotionally and psychologically I don’t think that we are ready and I don’t know if we’ll ever be ready I’m just not sure I know that a lot of people want to hear me say like let’s have another baby let’s do more babies what’s the girl the family I’d have more cats to like today I’m just like no I’m going to focus on adventures and visions and dreams and achievements and things that week can I grow my unit bigger cuz I feel like right now this is just such a Content place like is already starting to feel better and just because it feels doesn’t need it 92 ad today I feel like I have more responsibilities than I ever have but I don’t know a year down the road I might look at you guys and say we’re adopting again but today I can honestly say that I’m done and I’m I have two boys and two girls really content but like I said and if I don’t adopt again I do see myself being a very strong Advocate or doing something to help kids be at something like that.



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