The story of Chinese Daughters

A beautiful documentary.  The “two mothers so far” comment was heartbreaking.  I remember when our daughter from China was 4 years old and asked me if her brothers were born from my belly.  I said yes.  I told her that I carried her brothers in my belly and carried her in my heart.  She is now 13 years old and is our heart.  We are so blessed.


In 1979, the Chinese Government implemented the “one child” policy.

This sudden restriction, combined with a deep-rooted preferance for male children,

caused thousands of infant girls to be abandoned by their families.

In 1989, Chin began to allow international adoption.

One girl said “In my life I’ve had two mothers so far, my first mother gave me out because
I think she already had a child and now I have another of her taking care of me now”



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