Katie Hurst and her adoption story

Katie Hurst and her husband have six children. Three of them are b
biological children and three are from China that they’ve adopted.

when Katie was seven years old, she read a book about China and it was
called “These Are My People”. It make her fall in love with the
culture of China.

When her husband and she started dating, it was something that she
knew she wanted to do was go to China, adopt from China.

Her husband was open to the idea.

Her husband said “Little did i know how serious she was. There adoption later…”

They started adoption Simon, Simon was six years old and had thalassemia beta major.

he couldn’t get the treatment and the medicine that he needed to sustain
his life in China.

When they were adopting Simon, they saw a picture of a little girl.super cute, chubby cheeks.
and it turn out it was Ellie



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