Adoption from china to usa – Our adoption story

My name is Claire I am married to Heath High School sweethearts we’ve been married for 16 1/2 years and been together for twenty one. we have two little girls Lily who is adopted from China and Carly Rose who was our little surprise Nathan I got married very young and we tried as a to talk about it on our first date about whether adoption was in a plans one day I’d always wanted to adopt from China found out on our first date that he’s always wanted to adopt from China as well.

We just kind of fell into place after we tried for so long to have the baby and it just didn’t ever happen and then when it finally did happen we lost that pregnancy I was 36 weeks when we lost our daughter Cailin. After a couple years we finally started the process, the Chinese process although it’s changed a little bit over the years since we brought Lily ¬†home starts off with you find an agency that you like you have to go through a process for child abuse clearances locally state level and federal level so you have to fill its stacks on stacks of paperwork and then again when we first started the process the wait was 6 months from the time the paperwork’s logged in until you get a referral.

When we were finally logged into the system this weight started spiraling out of control and it went steadily to 12 months to 13 months and then by the time we were finished waiting and got the call in 2007 we had waited 17 months.

Met Lily on April 3rd 2007 and brought her home April 14th 2007 and she was a US citizen as soon as she cleared immigration in Minneapolis. When we met her she was two days shy of 17 months old, she was not crawling she was barely sitting up on her own she started walking about three days before we left China so she went from barely sitting up to walking within 2 weeks and eight months after Lily came home from China we found out we were pregnant.

It was very scary after having a stillborn at late-term, I was very very high risk and was immediately put on complete bed rest pretty much from the very beginning, she was born at 34 weeks spent three weeks in NICU, come home in an apnea Monitor and a bunch of other medications and was pretty much house bound until she was 6 months old.

Lily’s very laid-back in comparison to Carly who has to steal the show all the time Lily actually act more like my husband as he’s very very introverted. Carly wants to be just like her big sister so anything really does Carly wants to do, she’s just more outgoing about it then her sister Carly gets it from me no more extra room my husband.

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